By Caroline and Alison

Hi welcome to our wiki page!! We hope you learn alot about the southwest!! If you ever go to the southwest you may be standing in the same spot as one of the tribes that lived in the southwest along long time ago. Hope you learn alot about the Southwest!!

- the climte in the southwest region is Hot and dry
Fun Fact The southwest is the driest and hottest region in the world.

Natrual resources-
clay-to biuld pots and houses
cotton-to make clothes

physical features-
mesa: A flat toppeed hill with steep sides
canyons: A deep hole in the earth caused by water
deserts:a dry area with little rainfall


Pueblos (also named cliff dwellings)- Houses made out of the cliff that is made of clay (which is a nutrual resorce)

Arts and Crafts-
pots: to serve and cook on they were decorated with black geometric designes and images living creatures
Cotton Clothing- They wore them in the summer and are made out of cotton

Thank you for reading our Wiki Page all about the Southeast!! Hope you leared alot about Southeast! Tune in next time for more info on all things Alison and Caroline!! Thanks, bye.

this is our photo library
external image black_mesa.jpgthis is a mesa external image pueblos.jpg this is a pueblo

external image Grand_Canyon_23.jpg this is a canyon external image namib%20desert%201.jpgthis is a desert

external image 3-Abenaki%20Clay%20Pots.jpg this is a clay pot external image cotton1-(1254645310).jpg this is cotton to make clothes with

external image apache_indian.jpg this is indians from the apache tribe external image PCT1295.jpg this is a lady from the nomadic tribe

external image GrandfatherMartinGashweseoma.jpg

this is a man from the hopi tribe