Roller coasters 2

I was in a group with Gigi, Jordan and John. We had a lot of fun making our roller coasters.
It was really fun. We learned all of the forces and energies that there is in a roller coaster. We made
a wiki page to teach everybody what we learned all togather. We had alot of fun making it so I hope you like it!!

Caroline's Porfolio

Hi, welcome to my porfolio wiki page!! I hope that you like it as much as I do!! I had a lot of fun making all of the things on this page, and this page!!! All of the things on this page have been since the first day of school to the last!!

Socail Studies

In socail studies we had to make a page about an exploer we got to look up research all about christopher Columbus
and I was pared up with Grace Sherbin. We had alot of fun making this only because Christopher was very intresting and it was fun
to do it with one of your friends too!!


At first with the poems I did a story about a random thing. Honestly it was'nt very good.
It was hard to come up with a bunch of letters in abc order that all relate to the same story that you
just started. So Mr. Smith told me to do one about a sport or something and come up with words
about my sport that I picked, soccer. So it is just a bunch of words like kick score and even mom is screaming.

This was a story that we had to do for our poems book. It was fun to make. We had to pick someone or something
and do ten little (what ever yours was about.) I did frogs. You should check it out it was very hard but very fun. I did this
page along time ago.

Extra Credit

Aliya and I did a project about jfk. It was an extra credit project so we did not have to do it but it was still fun to do.
We worked on it every day untill we where done on tuesdays and fridays. So we worked really hard so I hope you like it!!

Grace Sherbin and I where pared up for this one. It was a fun project that we did.
It was every thing that we have learned about socail studies in the past 2 years.
We did alot of stuff about the silk road. It was a hard process and took a while but
it was really worth it!!

Energy Notes

I did this project with Grace Muarry and Luke. We did biomass. Mr.Smith gave
us a energy and we had to say certin things that energy. Like where it is usally
found. Or if it is used alot in the u.s. Stuff like that. The whole time we did this
project we where singing hey soul sister by train!!

Reading/ book group

Just press the play button and turn the volume up!! This was a book group project and we read a book Aliya Grace s. and Alison. It
was really fun reading the Island of the Blue Dolphin. We also did a wiki page (not finished yet) and a flip camera video.
We had alot of fun doing it but we are not done with the book yet!!!

This is a wiki tastic book reveiw. We have to do one alomost every month. This was
a batle book and this is why I did it it was a very good book!! You should read it.