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Definition/Explain what it is:

Biomass is an organic material made from plants and animals.

How it works:

You burn the substances and it creates a gas and it creates steam and the steam turns a turbine whitch powers a generator and creates energy.


  • It will never run out.
  • We are buring Garbage which gets ride of more landfills
  • Biomass can be used instaed of Fossil fuels
  • Bio Mass can provied extra income for farmers (becuase we also burn crops) they do not even need to be good crops because we are buring it.
  • Wood and wood waste are already a big engery in the US.

Disadvantages: - Stinky!!! -It can lead to global warming - We are also buring food which we need to live!! - Biomass creates a deadly gas called Carbon Doixide. (trees collect Carbon Doixide which is good that is why we need trees.) - Biomass crops are not around all year. It takes more engery to plant and harvest the crops then it is in the engrey game.

Interesting Facts Bio mass is used 4% in all of energy that we make. A man powerd a car from wood and made gas to power his car. The biomass he used was wood. We need the sun to make Biomass. Biomass is mostly in a soild but it can also be a liquid.

Where it is used in the US: Iowa Any place where there is a lot of farming land.