left to fight in french and indian war periodicly.

before to the official outbreak of war, Arnold became a Captain in the Governor's Second Company of Guards

Saw the war as an oppurtunity to prove himself as the leader of men and to increase his personal wealth.
Taking the lead of the Connecticut miltia he immedietly took them to boston eager to be seen and notticed. But intsead of fighting there he took them to the battle for fort Ticonderoga.
But it was Ethan allen and the green mountain boys who helped cature the fort, and all the fame with it, leaving Arnold upset.
He countinued, trying to gain fame from battles, leading an exabition through horible weather conditions in canada. And joined up with general Montgomery's larger army and attacked Quebec. Arnold was wounded but refused to leave his men. Theywere forced to retreat.

very brave career in the continental army.

benadict kept moving up in the ranks.

After he was promoted general he got very mad that people that he thought were less deserving moved up higher in the ranks than him.

When he was promoted to commander, officers above his rank were angered that he had overstepped his power.

When he married his second wife, a loyalist's daughter, people started to get very suspiciose.

His bitterness and his very large debts he had to pay off led him to make a negotiate with the british. So it was decided that he betray west point, that he commanded.

His plot was exsposed when a british major carrying one of arnold's messages to the british was captured.

Arnold then escaped to the british were he was made a general. and for his losses he was paid about $10,000.

He led 2 british expeditions, one that burned down Richmond VA. and another against New London Conn.

After the war
after the war he moved to london in 1780 were he went to trade as a career.

Old and depressed with a nervous disease he died in 1801


Siblings died of yellow fever
mother died in 1759 then father died 2 years later.
married margret mansfield
He was married only 8 years before Margret died in 1775.
Re-married a daughter of a loyalist.
Arnold had a total of 7 kids, 4 of which served in the british army.

born: 1-14-1741
Atended school at Canterbury and without money later withdrew.
Sent to be an aprentice at cousins shop.
Started his own apothecary bussiness in new heaven.
Often got in trouble
Died 6-14-1801