Battles of the Revolutionary War

The Boston Massacre notes

1. The Boston Massacre was a street fight that happened on March5, 1770.
2. A mob of colonist started to throw stones sticks and snow balls at british soldiers because
3. Several colonists were killed.
4. A man named Crispis Attucks was the first to die in the Boston Massacre.
5. The riot began when 50 people attacked a group of Brtish soliders.
6. The british killed three people during the Mob the British killed three people Samuel Gray, Crispis Attucks, and James Caldwell. Two other people died after the Massacre Samuel Marrireck and Patrick Carr.
7. A town meeting was called to remove the British.
8. There were seven soliders.
9. Six people were wounded and 5 were killed.
10. No one new which Brtish troop shot first.
11. British soldiers and Colonists.
12. One reason why that happened was because the british didn`t let the colonists have the same rights as them.
13. A second reason why the colonists attacked the british is because the british taxed the colonists on a lot of stuff.
14. After the shooting stoped the govener sent 8 soliders to prison .