Aliya, Grace, Matt and Justin's Roller coaster wiki page

Hello this is Grace Aliya Matt and Justin's wiki page about-

The Devils Curse

The problems we had are

1. Are first hill was to big and to fast.

2. Are marble took a while to get around the loop.

3. The marble fell off the track because of the inertia.


1. We made the first hill smaller.

2. We made are loop smaller.

3. We banked are turns.

<------ Here is our web of energys for our roller coaster

<---- Here is our video


While we were building our roller coaster we were working together great but when it came to the wiki page we fell apart. Hopefully next time we will work better next time. Our rollar coaster turned out well. This wiki page is ok. We learned that the first hill on a rollor coaster has to be the highest because that is where your coaster car will get the most energy.
We learned that when you go through a loop you have centripital force. We also learned that friction stops a roller coaster. We learned that the roller coaster might not work every time. because our turns might not be banked or other things. We learned that loops have to be a teardrop because it is safer.
Potentail/Kinetic engery. Gravity is the force
This is a picture that slightly looks like our roller coaster!