Jimmy Carter:
Name: James Carter
Birth: October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia (he is currently living there)
Death: hasn't died YET! He is 84!
Elected: 1976
Left office: 1981
Party: democrat
Presidency: 1976-1981
President: 39th

Parade: Yes
What happened: The U.S celebrated 200 years since our independence!
what country: the U.S.A
Flag: The U.S made a special biccentennial flag!
It's embel looks like this
inventors: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
What day: April fools day
What was the first computer (from apple): The Apple 1
Cool ft: was the first computer ever to have a single circuit board! had a video interface!
Price: The price for the Apple 1 was 3 differnt prices! When it came out it was $500.00 dollars then it droped to $200.00!

  • Who was in the Super Bowl: Pittsburgh & Dallas
Who won:Pittsburgh (21-17)
  • Who was in the World Series: Cincinnati & NY Yankees
Who won: Cincinatti (4-0)
  • Who was in the NBA Championship: Boston & Phoenix
Who won: Boston (4-2)
  • Who was in the Stanley Cup: Montreal & Philadelphia
Who won: Montreal (4-0)
  • Who was in the NCAA Basketball Championship: Indiana & Michigan
Who won: Indiana (86-68)
  • Who won the NCAA Football Championship: Pittsburgh (12-0-0)
  • One flew over the Cuckoo's nest was number one at the box office! (rated:R)
Main person: Micheal Berryman as the main character, Ellis

  • Rocky won Best Picture at the Oscars! (rated:pg)
Main person: Sylvester Stallone as the main character, Rocky Balboa
  • King kong came out (rated:pg)
Jessica Lange plays Ann Darrow (the girl that King Kong loved)
  • Freaky friday came out (rated:pg)
Ellen Andrews and Annabel Andrews were the main characters in Freaky Friday! These characters were played by Barbara Harris (as Ellen) and Jodie Foster (as Annabel)!


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