Hi. I'm Aliya and this is my Portfolio. This page holds lots of my work. I hope you enjoy them!

During one of our science units, we had to build roller coasters! It was the most exciting unit yet! I loved it! Anyways we had to study physics
so our roller coasters would function well!

My Roller Coaster Page
This project (look right below) is my renewable energy source project. In this unit three or more people were assigned an energy source! We had to learn and research about them. My group was Grace S., Justin, and myself! We had Hydro power! I put our page on here too!
Hydro power wiki page

Socail Studies

Down here (right below) is my Francisco Vasquez de Cronado power point! Alison and I did this project together! We were assigned a spainish explorer! I was assigned him!

This is my spansih speaking country report! Grace and I did this together!

In writing we made poem books with special poems we had to make! These are a few of the ones I had to write!

Extra Credit

Caroline and I did this together! its about John F. Kennedy!

My Roller Coaster Page
This is a page about my spanish explorer!
My Explorer page