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social studies

Taos was when all of us got an assignment
to pick a native american tribe i picked the

We got an assignment we had to write
an essay on Native Americans

we hadto write a letter on if we lived
in coloniel Williamsburg in1777 and
it explained what it was like back then

at the begining of the year we had to
write about what we are like A for awesome

evrey year we make a poem book and
this year mine is called smile our books
contain all kinds of poems like concrete
were the poem is the outline of the shape
mine is a smiley face that is were i got
the name of the poem book Smile

I wrote a srtory on what Mac is like and
this describes Mac like he is fluffy he
is a puppy he loves to play and other
stuff like that

We had to write a fantasy story and

I chose to write about a guy named
Paul and he is a mail man and he is
going to have a contest on who is
the best mail man

This is my about the author page for my
poem book so this talks about my
personal life and were i live stuff
like that

this was for fun because i really
like golden retrievers and this
was a very fun project it has
all you need to know about
a golden retriever

this is a letter we had to write to
our parents at the begining of the
year about what we expect to
learn and other stuff


here is a link to our geothermal wiki
page i hope you enjoy it!
Geothermal Notes

here is our roller coaster wiki page
it was very fun biulding it i hope you
like it

THE BLESSING by Johnny, Grace, Alison,and Jacob V.