here is my spelling homework i wrote an imaginary letter from someone at a summer camp she is writing to her family
P.S. even though it is signed Alison it's not me :)

Dear Family, 7/3/10

Camp has brought me good times to remember, I am having a lot of fun, we played capture the flag several times it is very fun we play every night, we are put on a team at the first day, I'm pretty good. We won yesterday so we go against a really good team, the best player usually cannot play offense he likes to doubt himself. Lunch is pretty good, there is a lot of good food like mac and cheese, salad, chicken, pizza and all of it is homemade. We also do Trivia Q & A it is fun to answer them even though i get hard ones. We also have a survivor game we have to build a hut and our hole cabin has to get inside then go toward the finish line but we have to go through the woods, we won because we did a thorough gob of building the hut and we got to the finish line first.